ACTU considers the impact of nanotechnology on Australian workers

Sarah: Just a quick post from me today: listening to ABC Radio National’s ‘AM’ show this morning over the chatter of 2 kindy- and school-free kids (day 1 of the holidays – help!), I heard a story from Tony Eastley regarding the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and occupational health and safety considerations of nanotechnology. With a little help from Google, I managed to find an ACTU webpage which contains details of a half-day ACTU seminar held in early February 2009 and which was entitled “Nanotechnology – the next asbestos? “. While the title of the seminar is clearly designed to be emotive, the seminar featured a range speakers presenting different perspectives on the science, regulation and possible societal impacts of nanotechnology, including:

  • Georgia Miller (Friends of the Earth)
  • Associate Professor Tom Faunce (Australian National University)
  • Dr Maxine McCall (CSIRO)
  • Dr Diana Bowman (Monash University)
  • Steve Mullins (ACTU Occupational Health and Safety Officer)

The papers presented at the seminar are available to download here.

Looks like more and more groups are starting to consider the safety implications of nanotechnology (also see my previous post: Choice magazine invites consumers to think about nano).

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