IYA-focused April Fool’s Day

meteoriteJennifer:Over the past couple of weeks, a giant polystyrene boulder has been taking shape in the storeroom at Scitech Discovery Centre. It continued to grow in size until it reached massive proportions and weighed at least one hundred kilograms. Despite it being the first thing I saw as I arrived at work, I could not fathom its purpose.

Yesterday morning, I switched on the radio to hear that a giant meteorite had landed at the very popular and well-frequented Cottesloe Beach. Scientists, kitted out in full protective gear, had cordoned off the area and were examining the boulder-sized particle of Solar system debris. Having only just woken up, I was slightly groggy, though nevertheless suspicious of this incredible piece of news.

As it turned out, my suspicions were well-founded. Upon arriving at work, I was greeted by a very excited colleague, who wanted to know whether I was aware of Scitech’s elaborate April Fool’s Day hoax.

The man-made meteorite certainly fulfilled its purpose in drawing attention to the International Year of Astronomy and the approaching worldwide viewing marathon, 100 Hours of Astronomy. I’m sure it also baffled some early morning beach-goers.

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