Help! Where is SHINE?

Sarah: Are you a science teacher wondering what on earth happened to SHINE? SHINE has now been taken to a new level – introducing AccessNano! AccessNano is a unique, cutting-edge nanotechnology educational resource designed to provide science teachers across Australia with an accessible, simple way to introduce nanotechnology into their classroom. As well as 13 nanotechnology modules addressing topics as diverse as Scale and Measurement, The Space Elevator, Health and Medicine, Personal Care Products and Social Issues, AccessNano provides experiment, activities and links to web-based resources and is curriculum matched to allow easy application into your existing state requirements.  Furthermore, the Australian Office of Nanotechnology has launched a series of AccessNano Teacher Professional Development sessions across 8 states and territories. Please check  for more details and to make your reservation!

By way of a bit of background, SHINE is a groundbreaking secondary school nanotechnology education resource which was launched in 2007 and previously available at Conceptualised and created by Francesca Calati with help from Amanda Clarke and other colleagues at St Helena Secondary College, Eltham (VIC), SHINE aimed to use the relatively new field of nanotechnology to provide an exciting and application-based framework in a web-based, modular format to reinvigorate teaching of science and technology in Victorian high schools. SHINE was so successful that it attracted the attention of science teachers across the country as well as the Australia Science Teachers Association (ASTA). As a result, the Australian Office of Nanotechnology funded the creation of AccessNano, designed to incorporate the best bits of SHINE with a national focus.


  1. I just realised there is no date set for Perth! Is there something we can do, to have a seminar over here?

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