Embark on a full-dome cinematic adventure

Jennifer: Being inside a full-dome theatre, completely encapsulated within the hemispheric screen, is an immersive and engrossing experience. Visitors to the Adelaide Film Festival’s Dome Project, presented by the Australian Network for Art and Technology, will have the opportunity to indulge in such an experience.

Perth has its own hemispheric theatre which is known as Horizon- a planetarium screening multimedia shows which take audiences on a virtual journey through the universe. I decided to re-visit Horizon upon reading about the Dome Project. The experience enthralled me. Perth’s portable planetarium, the Spacedome, belongs to Scitech Discovery Centre. As a Scitech Outreach Presenter, I am lucky enough to operate this mobile night sky and I bear witness to the fact that it never fails to captivate an audience.

Up until now, my own experience of full-dome theatre has been limited to astronomy-related programming. The Dome Project, a highlight of the 2009 Adelaide Film Festival, extends this powerful digital medium into the broader arts and sciences. Audiences will be exposed to works produced for full-dome environments by local and international artists.

The Best of DomeFest, screening at the Mawson Lakes Planetarium, showcases the most intriguing and innovative works submitted to the film festival over the past seven years. “Future Memory”, a dance film directed by South Australian artists Amanda Phillips and Alexander Waite Mitchell, will screen on the the Portable Dome at the South Australian Museum, as well as at the Golden Grove Arts Centre.

ANAT’s Filter magazine complements the Dome Project. Entitled “Screen Play”, the online and print editions examine the proliferation and impact of screens in contemporary urban life. This includes the influence of digital broadcasting, portable and online media and of course, the full-dome environment.

The Dome Project runs from February 21 and concludes with the symposium “Double Helix- Art and the Moving Image” at the University of South Australia on March 1. While full-dome presentations will be given at various locations in and around Adelaide throughout the week, the invitation to attend is not extended to Adelaideans exclusively. On the contrary, for those further afield, I believe that a visit to the South Australian capital during the 2009 Dome Project could be well worth the trip!


  1. I love the fact you visited Horizon to get a feel for this! I’ll let you know how it goes – I’m going to The Best of Dome Fest next week.

  2. Alexander Waite Mitchell says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thought I would say hi from Adelaide. Thanks for the plug regarding our work ‘Future Memory’, just one thing- thought that I would correct the title: Amanda Phillips and Alexander Waite Mitchell, (not Alexandra Waite) 🙂

    (no probs)

    Also Kristina,.. did you get a chance to come down to The Dome Project @ Golden Grove? Let me know if you did…


    Composer/Co-Creator ‘Future Memory’

  3. jennifermillar says:

    Dear Alex,

    I am so sorry! I actually took the name Alexandra Waite from the media release sent out by ANAT. but i checked the ANAT website, and it definitely has your name right, don’t worry.

    How did it go??

  4. eugeblacks says:

    Hi Im trying to get in contact with Alexander Mitchell again.
    can you help me?

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