CleanFutures: Our new commercialisation project

cf_logo_lowresKristin: Yesterday we entered an exciting new phase of our business with the launch of CleanFutures.

CleanFutures is a joint venture of NanoVentures Australia, Australian CleanTech and Bridge8 with the goal of successfully commercialising nanotechnologies that enable clean futures. By combining the IP, technology transfer and commercialisation project management skills of NanoVentures Australia (NVA) (which has grown out of Nanotechnology Victoria), with the clean technology and investment market knowledge of Australian CleanTech and the futures work, government networks and marketing capability of us here at Bridge8, CleanFutures plans to establish the template for the commercialisation of enabling sustainable technologies.

We have commenced planning for our first three technologies in water and wind applications:

  • Carbon nanotube composites for wind turbine blades;
  • Aquasens, a rapid, highly sensitive sensor probe for the detection of nitrates and phosphates in water, and sulphites in wine and food products; and
  • Oxipure, a patented technology for the effective removal of contaminants including arsenic, phosphates and silicates from environmental waters.

CleanFutures was initiated through discussions between the partners at two recently launched industry networks: the Adelaide Cleantech Network (led by Australian CleanTech) and the Australian Nano Business Forum. For further information, see our press release or email us at

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