Happy Birthday to Darwin, Galileo and Malone

Jennifer: Two very important people celebrate their birthdays today: Charles Darwin, and Carolyn Gorman. Charles Darwin, born February 12, 200 years ago, was an English naturalist. Carolyn Gorman, born some years later, is my best friend. 

This Sunday we celebrate 445 years since the birth of Galileo. With 2009 being the International Year of Astronomy, festivities will be widespread. The Tuscan mathematician, philosopher, physicist and astronomer was born on February 15 1564.

In addition to birthday festivities, this week is also marked by Black Friday- a date which induces disquietude and anxiety in many people across the world. I myself am not apprehensive about tomorrow being Friday The Thirteenth, but for those of you who are, there is a word to describe your feeling of dread- paraskavedekatriaphobia. I find linguistics fascinating, and also like learning funny long words that are rarely employed in conversation. But paraskavedekatriaphobia is certainly one to file away, as next month you will have the opportunity to use it again.

While the latter half of this week is certainly punctuated by significant dates, it began with an event very important for the Bridge8 team. Kristin, Sarah, Alex, Lisa and I celebrated in various locations throughout the world on Monday, honouring our very own Jenna Malone. Jenna, we hope you had the opportunity to celebrate the success of your 8.30am conference presentation on Monday, as well as your birthday, in true Floridian style.

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