‘Science communication’ in the US (ok that’s a bit of a stretch!..)

walt-disney-worldJenna: In three weeks I’m off to the US to attend the American Weed Scientist Society conference for my other job as a Research Associate at the Uni of Adelaide in the Weed Management department. While I am a bit disappointed that I have to give a talk, on the first day of the conference, at 8:30am in the morning, ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!, the conference will be held in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, so I can’t really complain! The conference will mainly cover research into the control and management of weeds in two main areas; natural eco-systems and cropping systems (my areas of research). I will be talking about herbicide resistance in rye grass, the most common weed in SA cropping systems, and the work we have been doing to try to determine the best management strategies for farmers.
I will be doing a few other ‘sciency’ things, like visiting a lab at Colorado State University and the Kennedy Space centre, as well as squeezing in a few other non-work related activities such as Skiing in Colorado and checking out the sites in Miami and Las Vegas.

I will let you know how it all went when I get back. Until then…an improvement in the dollar would be great!!


  1. If you’re interested in the more recent science communications work we’re doing you should see the following posts too:

    A cheat sheet for Inspiring Australia, a diagram to summarise the recent report on science engagement in Australia;

    Public engagement reported, a report from interviews on nanotechnology public engagement in Europe;

    Why should communities care about emerging technologies? with some models on public engagement, specifically around cleantech; and

    Science Blogging, picking up on an article in The Advertiser.

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