Western Australia Celebrates Outstanding Scientific Achievements

Jennifer: This year’s winners of the annual Premier’s Science Awards of Western Australia were declared at a gala dinner on Thursday night last week. The seven award categories provide the opportunity to publicly celebrate and reward the State’s best scientists, science teachers, science communicators and science students.

Western Australia’s Scientist of the Year is Jorg Imberger, who founded the Centre for Water Research at the University of Western Australia. Under his direction it has become a leading international water research institute. Despite wanting to be a fashion photographer as a child, Jorg has certainly found his niche as Professor in Environmental Engineering. He is committed to environmental protection and conservation, saying;

“Over the past decade, I’ve been asking the question, ‘What’s going to happen in the next 30 or 40 years with climate change coming, and can we do anything to reverse this?'”

Jorg believes that Australia could independently negate the total greenhouse gas emissions if land used to grow food for export was reforested and returned to its natural vegetation.

Other awards include Scientist of the Year, Science Student of the Year at both secondary school and university level, the Excellence in Science Teaching awards at primary and secondary school level and the award for Excellence in Science Communication Outside the Classroom.

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