AccessNano in a nutshell


AccessNano is all set for its November 28th launch by
The Honourable Julia Gillard MP at the 2008 Science Teachers Association of Victoria Conference (STAVCON08). Here’s a few critical details in case you’re still in the dark:

What is AccessNano?
AccessNano is a cutting-edge nanotechnology educational resource designed to introduce accessible and innovative science and technology into Australian secondary school classrooms. It is different from most other nanotechnology education initiatives as it provides an integrated and locally-relevant approach to teaching nanotechnology.  AccessNano is presented in the form of 13 web-based, curriculum-matched modules targeted at years 7-11, featuring PowerPoint presentations, experiments, activities, animations and links to interactive websites.

Who has developed AccessNano?
AccessNano is an Australian government initiative funded through the Australian Office of Nanotechnology (under DIISR) in working with DEEWR. It was produced by Bridge8 in close collaboration with science teachers and representatives from nanotechnology-related industry and academia, including NanoVIc, Flinders University, Monash University, Deakin University, RMIT, GM Holden Ltd and A to Z of Nanotechnology.

Why is AccessNano needed?
AccessNano provides an accessible, cutting-edge and versatile resource to:
1. Allow Australian secondary school teachers to introduce nanotechnology into their classrooms;
2. Reinvigorate teaching of science and technology in Australian secondary schools
3. Provide students with new pathways for Australian careers in nanotechnology

AccessNano was developed from the SHINE program.

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  1. […] Activity on the AccessNano wesbite ( has been high since the launch of this innovative nanotechnology education resource only a few months ago.  Australian high school educators will be thrilled to learn that AccessNano […]

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