Black Holes Cure Cancer

Kristin: Next Friday I will be a member of the industry panel at a one-day symposium in Melbourne on Nanotechnology: Science, Policy & Public Perspective hosted by Monash University. The industry panel will examine markets, policy and innovation pressures. This follows a series of talks on risks, ethics and law; new applications of nanotechnology, toxicology and safety, intellectual property and public acceptance.

I have been mulling over ideas of innovation since attending last Friday’s Building SA Innovation Conference. Market-pull or technology-push? A future driven by people or science, research and technology? Or both?

The Economist this week has an article on the use of nanoparticles for cancer treatments.

Journalists sometimes joke that the ideal headline for a science story would be something like “Black Holes Cure Cancer”. Sadly, it will never happen. “Nanotechnology Cures Cancer” though, is a pretty good runner-up and that might just turn out to be true.

Well I couldn’t resist using that headline. But the point is clear – exciting technology for critical human issues. Isn’t that where we should be the pressure on innovation to deliver?

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