AccessNano-inspired Purple Tomatoes

Sarah: …….Well, maybe the title of this blog is a little far-fetched, but I couldn’t resist. Purple theme, gene-splicing…it just links in so well with AccessNano and my blog of 2 days ago! A group of researchers from the UK and mainland Europe have inserted sanpdragon genes into the garden tomato and created a purple fruit with boosted pigment anthocyanins.  These gene-boosted tomatoes have been shown to significantly extend the life-span of cancer-susceptible mice.  Anyone for a purple bloody-mary?


  1. This will confuse the insects no end – I wonder if these new few steps in this world will reach the market and what if any will be the implications? – Its all very interesting to think about

  2. re the insects – that’s a good point robbyc. all those millenia of natural selection to fine-tune colour preferences in nature…and then BAMM along comes a purple tomato out of nowhere. wonder what colour the flowers are?

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