Small Masterpieces

Lisa: Earlier this year I mentioned how a fluke nano based microscopy image bagged a prize in the Materials Research Society ‘Science as art’ competition. This month, the winners of Nikons Small World competition for Best microscope images was announced, and nanotechnology again gets a look in the 2008 awards. Coming in second, behind a stunning photo of diatoms taken through polarized light, is a photo taken by Paul Marshall of Canada’s Institute for Microstructural Sciences. The image is a 30-times magnification of the growth of red-hot carbon nanotubes, a process which Marshall’s lab is trying to optimize.

nanotube factory

The image, which I guess does resemble a Christmas bauble, was used as the image on the Christmas card that Marshall sent out to his students.
The images are worth a look through as they reveal a level of breathtaking beauty on a scale beyond the reach of the human eye.

(Image taken from Nikon Small World website, credit Paul Marshall, Canada)

Originally published on Blog@NanoVic for Nanotechnology Victoria.

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