Scientists are just people too (discover 12 year olds)

headsLisa: One of the difficult parts of my job working in the science education field is the idea of getting across what scientists actually do in day to day life. How to get across an idea of what a career in research might look like. It’s something I encourage researchers to talk about when they visit schools, and by day to day life that of course means the bits that happen outside of the lab too. I think this is even more important for new fields like nanotechnology, where it’s very hard to describe what a ‘nanotechnologist’ might do on a day to day basis.

I love this which someone passed on to me a couple of weeks ago. It’s a project where year 7 students have been asked to draw and describe what they think a scientist looks like, and then after visiting Fermilab (a US particle physics research facility), they make another drawing and description. My favourite description of what a scientist is really like was from Amanda, “. . . . anyone can be a scientist. I saw people walking around in sweatshirts and jeans. Who knows? Maybe I can be a scientist.


Originally published on Blog@NanoVic for Nanotechnology Victoria.

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