Happy (belated) open access day

Lisa: Happy belated Open Access day. And I thought it was today. This is what I get for a month with no internet access. Hello again blogosphere!
Open Access Day was 14 October, aiming to “To broaden awareness and understanding of Open Access”. It happened to coincide with one of the most significant events in Open Access publishing. BioMed central, one of the original pioneers of OA publishing, was recently purchased by the Springer publishing group which was heralded as great news for science in the Guardian. BioMed had shown that Open Access could indeed be profitable, and it awaits to be seen if and when other publishers will follow suit.
It has to happen. Free, transparent and democratic access to (what is often) taxpayer funded research makes so much sense that it almost seems more reasonable to wonder why it’s taken so long in the first place.
And if nothing else I can send links of those obscure papers in my PhD to my mates so they can see what on earth I was doing all those years in the lab!

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