Regulating nano ingredients in food

food-pyramid.jpgSarah: Leigh Dayton has written a small piece in today’s Australian newspaper describing growing pressure within the Australian food industry to disclose the use of nano-ingredients on food packaging.  The story stems from a recent Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) call for public comment on draft amendments to a document outlining procedures companies must follow to have products approved for sale.

Click here to read a fact sheet on nanotechnology in food produced by FSANZ.

[photo thanks to the American Diabetes Association]

Originally published on Blog@NanoVic for Nanotechnology Victoria.

Comments posted to Blog@NanoVic included:

  1. Kristin Alford | 10-Oct-08 at 7:55 am | PermalinkIt’s great to see content from the comprehensive report by Friends of the Earth picked up for further consideration. Labeling for nano would be tricky I expect, and would probably depend on whether the nanotechnology was small particles or nanostructures. (imagine an Aero bar with nanobubbles of air!). But that doesn’t mean labeling shouldn’t be done.
  2. James boulder | 21-Oct-08 at 7:05 pm | PermalinkNo offense, but I wouldn’t take anything ‘Friends of the Earth’ publish seriously. This is the mob that jumped on a European Nano spray scare claiming how dangerous nanoparticles were. Trouble was, the spray didn’t contain ANY nanoparticles in it! The product was quickly taken out of their nano report.

    These guys have their own agenda. Anyone that relies on google & corporate websites in lieu of academic sources doesn’t deserve this attention. This is a serious issue that demands reputable research. Your not going to get it from these jokers.

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