ANAT making synapses between art and science

Sarah: The Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) has announced the successful Synapse Residencies for 2008/09, which support intensive partnerships between media artists and scientists in research settings in Australia and beyond.

The residencies are as follows:

  • Dr Rachel Burgess (NSW) + Dr Vicki Clifton (SA) exploring the transfer of fetal and maternal cells between child and mother during pregnancy (microchimerism), and artistic representations of the maternal bond;

  • Nicky Forster and Willoh Weiland (VIC) + Dr Chris FLuke (VIC) investigating issues in contemporary astronomy relating to the Square Kilometre Array, a new generation radio telescope. A fortnightly ’soap opera’ podcast will be generated to invigorate existing models of scientific outreach;

  • Dr Peter Morse (TAS) + Dr Martin Riddle (TAS) + Paul Bourke (WA) using digital media to create visal representations of complex data sets derived from Antarctic research;

  • Lynette Wallworth (NSW) + Dr Anya Salih (NSW) creating interactive installations representing temporal changes in biological systems  by tracking fluorescent and luminescent molecules in coral and bacteria.

Further information is available from ANAT’s Art Science Manager Vicki Sowry (

NanoVic has a strong history of working with ANAT, including hosting ‘Artist in Residence’ Leah Heiss and involvement in the Wear Now and reSkin wearable technology projects.

Originally published on Blog@NanoVic for Nanotechnology Victoria.

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