Integrated Smart Health

Kristin: Imagine you go to the doctor. He suggest an on-the-spot diagnostic that requires just a small pin-prick sample of blood. He then turns to to tell you that you have cancer. Technology? Early detection? Ethical issues? Legal and privacy issues? Public acceptance?

At the ANBF Networking function, Dr Andrew Campitelli discussed the Smart Health Integrated Project, a European-based team of experts from 28 organisations that includes Australia company Mini-Fab. The Smart Health Integrated Project is looking at three forms of cancer (breast, cervical, colo-rectal) as examples to show how real-time diagnostics can be developed. Early, fast detection would enable improved outcomes for patients and reduce health care costs. The real cost of diagnostics includes a number of steps – not just the lab analysis time.Β  Smart Health is an integrated approach to health care to reduce this cycle. They will have a prototype by the end of this year and are expecting to have a system working in a hospital environment at Newcastle University in the UK at the end of next year. They will then go through the clinical approval process. The integrated nature of this project includes considering the digital security, packaging, training, ethical and public acceptance as well as paths through IP and commercialisation. A great example of a collaborative project that considers technology in context.


  1. will devices such as this be administered/utlised by fully-trained doctors, or can others with ethics/social training do the tests in a hospital setting and break potentially bad news to patients?

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