Leveraging the Micro and Nano World

Kristin: Just a reminder that Clive Davenport, Andrew Campitelli and Kristin Alford (yes, that’s me) are presenting at the free ANBF Seminar / Networking Reception “Leveraging the Micro and Nano World” this Thursday, 2 October 2008 from 5.00 –7.30pm in Adelaide. The event is for anyone with an interest in micro or nanotechnologies, or who would like to learn more about how these technologies may impact their organisations. The program includes drinks and nibbles and the topics are:

For further information about the event or to RSVP, see the ANBF website or contact us.


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  2. […] night the ANBF ran a networking seminar and function in Adelaide. Clive Davenport and Kristin Alford (yes, that’s me) reprised a talk we did at COMS2008 on […]

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