Dialogue on Innovation System

Kristin: A few days ago I posted a couple of comments in regards to the review of the national innovation system –  “Venturous Australia” as part of a broader discussion (see this podcast and post in The Age/SMH). While I have been mulling over the report, I thought it was worth pointing out a few opportunities to continue the dialogue.

The most obvious place is to get involved is by responding to the document yourself, which you can do via this comments page. While the comments box is limited, my next task is to respond here, as well as through my blog and other channels. For me, both formal and informal channels of participation are essential.

However, I think the informal channels are certainly more engaging (especially since the official responses to the report will not be published). David Wallace has built a Yahoo Pipe for Venturous Australia that compiles the chatter about the report and the innovation system across the web. A few minutes of searching here has led to writings in New Matilda, The Age, The Industry Standard and education.au. Leave a comment or post a blog using tags like ‘venturous’ and ‘innovation review’ and your materials should be captured here.

An local alternative for those in South Australia is the conference ‘Building South Australia’s Innovation System’, hosted by the Science & Innovation Directorate on Friday 7 November. The purpose of this conference is to provide an opportunity to be part of ongoing dialogue and particularly examine South Australia’s regional innovation system in relation to the national agenda. Speakers include The Premier Mike Rann and Dr Terry Cutler, author of the review. I imagine similar forums exist in other states? (Edit – this isn’t really an alternative – it’s not part not the innovation review.)

Surely an innovation system comprises infrastructure, social networks and dialogue/exchange. We already play a vital role in extending dialogue and networks and I want to ensure we (and others) are included in this innovation conversation.


  1. Well, I guess we could start with accessibility issues and the two hundred bucks entry price to:

    kristinalford have registered for the Innovation Conference in SA 7 Nov http://is.gd/32yu about 2 hours ago from web


  2. Free vs value – always interesting talking points. I’d expect the dialogue on the national innovation system to be free, but I’m guessing this is outside that remit and pitched as a conference instead. But it then raises the question – if there were face to face sessions in cities to introduce the review, surely similar sessions would be useful for continuing dialogue in repsonse?

  3. And I’ve submitted a response, reflecting the ideas we’ve posted in these blogs.

  4. Inadequacy of technology is a child of structuralism; the concept of a national system of innovation (NSI) is a child of evolutionary theory. A dialogue between these concepts can enrich our understanding of the problems involved in building NSIs at the periphery.
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