Could Web 2.0 become part of your work practice?

Sarah:  For a while I had doubts of the value of Facebook and other Web 2.0 networking platforms. Sure, it’s fun for a bit of distraction on a Friday afternoon, and great for sharing photos of the kids with international friends and family. After a while however the continual updates on the status of my cousin’s afternoon tea dilemmas (Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast; Monte Carlo or YoYo?) got a bit tired. 

Then Kristin started writing Facebook updates with a Bridge8 focus. And she inserted links to great blogs and other snippets of information. Next she opened a twitter account, and set up a following by like-minded individuals both locally and internationally. Then I read a great blog about the value of twitter in the workplace.  So I set up my own twitter account (@sciencesarah) and did some more research into what social media can do for me and my career networks. Wow! At the very least writing twitter updates has taught me to distill my daily work activities into summaries (some call them micro-blogs) of 140 characters or less. At the most….let’s keep that space open. I am really interested to try and quantify how twitter and career-focused Facebook entries might impact on my work-related communication and academic networks. In the meantime, have a read of some of the links I found below. And set up a twitter account.


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