Connecting through social media

Kristin: In one of the first sessions at COMS2008, Clive Davenport presented on ‘Connecting the Micro and Nano Worlds’. Clive introduced a number of social networking options to stay connected and I talked about blogging, microblogging and feed aggregaters and explained how I was presenting the COMS2008 conference through the NanoVic & ScienceGeekSpeak blogs (and this one), Flickr photos, FriendFeed rooms and the Yahoo pipes site (Thanks@dnwallace). I also recorded the session and you can listen to the podcast (Thanks for the hints @fang). The sound quality is not great due to interference from the session next to us, but it’s one more way we can make it feel like you’re here with us. Like a margarita?


  1. […] the micro and nano communities can and are connecting through social media, you may have read my post from Clive Davenport’s presentation at COMS08, or downloaded the podcast. But if you’re in Adelaide on Thursday 2nd October between 5 – 7:30pm, you can hear it in […]

  2. […] and function in Adelaide. Clive Davenport and Kristin Alford (yes, that’s me) reprised a talk we did at COMS2008 on connecting the micro and nano world and how web 2.0 technologies might be a way to connect […]

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