Welcome to COMS2008 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

COMS2008 ReceptionKristin: Welcome to COMS 2008. Tonight was the welcome reception for COMS2008 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. You can click that link to listen to Clive Davenport, President of MANCEF welcome the delegates.

I met people from Europe, Australia, the US and Mexico, all with a focus on the commercialisation of micro and nano technologies. The conference starts in earnest tomorrow and more information is available on the COMS2008 website. I’m yet to register, but I know Clive will be giving a keynote speech on the MANCEF community and connectivity. Look out for this blog!

Download podcast from Welcome Reception


  1. Treat! – keep us posted. See if you can encourage other delegates to ‘live blog’ as per the Science Blogging Conference in London over the weekend!!



  1. […] the challenages and the possibilities. STo get involved, see my Bridge8 post where I have made a quick podcast of the opening remarks. Feels like you’re here, doesn’t it – although without the warm sun and Mexican […]

  2. […] started with a relatively simple post on the Bridge8 website, but then I got more ambitious. Included is the podcast of the opening session (thanks Mike) and […]

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