More fun with LEDs

Lisa: During the Adelaide Festival Bridge8 sponsored a masterclass by the Graffiti Research Lab, who showed Adelaide how to have fun with LED throwies. Here’s another bit of fun to have with LEDs courtesy of the Evil Mad Scientists (which I found through Boing Boing) – making your own LED lanterns for the garden. They not only are easy to make and look awesome, they may be my new project to inject some funky mood lighting into my flat without the danger of it burning to the ground due to unattended candles.

On a slightly related topic, it was also through posts on Boing Boing that I heard about the trouble the Graffiti Research Lab are having in Beijing. It seems a proposed pro-tibet L.A.S.E.R stencil art project has resulted in GRLs James Powderly being held by the Chinese authorities. Keep an eye on the GRL site for updates.

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