Sci-blogging conference at the RI

Lisa: I’m booked in for the Nature Network Science Blogging conference to be held at the end of this month, conveniently enough for me at the Royal Institution.

The programme is up now, with some sessions to be decided on the day by the attendees.  I’m particularly interested in how blogging can help in science education, and I’ll be heading along to that discussion.

I will definitely be doing the Tour of London Pubs with a Science Theme the night before!  I’m sure we’ll hit the John Snow, a pub in Soho, famous for Dr John Snow, father of modern epidemiology, who demonstrated in 1854 that cholera was spread through contaminated water.  He removed the handle from the pump, located in Broadwick street where the pub now stands, forcing people to use other uncontaminated sources of water further away.  It now is also one of the few places in London you can get 2 pints of beer and change from five quid!  Wonderful!


  1. hello, just re-checking the sciblog programme, it seems that the pub night is the night before the night before (Thursday 28th August)…

  2. Yes – I think you’re right! The tour of London pubs with scientific themes is the evening of Thursday 28th August (just three more sleeps!)

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