Homework makes me interesting

Kristin: Recent reading on creativity points to the role of structure.

Russell Davis writes that the core skill of a creative person in the future will be the ability to be interesting. I found his blog through Anecdote where they were trying to test new ideas to build analogies in order to find new connections and perspectives for collaboration, an area where ‘interesting’ helps. So if creativity is about being interested and sharing your interests – how do you find new interests?

Learning to love you more is an installation/ exhibition of people round the world posting their responses to certain ‘assignments’. Like ‘repair something’, ‘make an encouraging banner’ or “sew an adult-sized baby romper’. Each of these assignments force the participant to do something that they would not ordinarily do.

And several weeks ago I spoke with Fredric Kropp of the Univeristy of Adelaide and Monterey Institute of International Studies about teaching creativity. He mentioned the concepts of ‘experiential’ learning vs ‘immersion’ learning. Fredric regularly sets tasks for his students to focus on within the scope of their normal activities. My favourite is to live with no expectations for the week – imagine the possibilities!

Note that both these assignment structures have space to share the results.

So setting ourselves structured activities that take us beyond our day-to-day thinking and open us up to more creative thinking. And surely talking about these is interesting in itself!

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