Earthworks 2008 – we have a winner!

Sarah: The Ken Sprague fund has announced the winner of its Earthworks 2008 cartoon competition, themed climate change and other threats to the environment – Mikhail Zlatkovsky of Russia, with the image entitled ‘Coat Star’ shown at left (I downloaded this from a blog entitled The Great Beyond – the winning images don’t yet appear on the Ken Sprague website). The winning and multiple runners-up entries can also be seen on The Independent website. Entries were received from a large range of countries, including Croatia, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Israel, Romania, Thailand and the Ukraine.  Many portray the perceived increase in dryness/lack of water we understand so well in Australia. I like the winning entry in particular as it refers not only to Earth, but also to our position within the universe. Can we continue to thumb our noses to ‘the great beyond’? And what is out there anyway?! Oh drats, I always get overwhelmed when considering that question.

One thing I would suggest to the artist if I had a chance though would be to increase the girth of the ‘Earth tramp’ depicted in order to better reflect the waistline trends in Australia and other like nations. But there I go being Western-centric again…..

An exhibition of the entries will occur in London in the near future – keep your eyes peeled, or check the Ken Sprague website for more details if you are in that neck of the woods.  In case you were wondering, Ken Sprague was a cartoonist and poster designer with a dedicated commitment to human rights, justice, peace and socialism. The aim of the fund is to perpetuate his vision and encourage similar traits in emerging artists.

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