Kristin: Distracted? I am. I set aside this week to concentrate on a thesis on foresight, science & technology, but am yet to pick up that folder. And I was about to start (really) but then I found this article about distractions at work and it resonated so strongly I thought I would share it.

(Unfortunately, in going to blog about it, I found a half-finished blog that I just had to post, so I remain distracted.)

However, my course of action based on this article is to 1) Stop. Breathe. And be aware I am being distracted and  2) Focus. Turn off the interruptions and set some intentions for tackling that thesis.

No blogging from me until next week!


  1. Distracted or connected?
    I have decided to trade ‘personal productivity’ for ‘network productivity’. About a month ago I was going to stop blogging / twittering / RSS reading for a while because I was feeling so very distracted. I went thru a similar process:

    1. Stop Breathe, be aware of distractions
    2. Focus
    3. Get back to the connections that distract me cos there is greater value there

    Inspired by:

    Fang – Mike Seyfang

  2. A confluence of paradox! How can I be connected and focused? Well I haven’t been blogging, but I have been posting updates in our internal ‘BackPack’ intranet, checking a new social network on nano and reading RSS. I am coming to the conclusion that there is time and space for both focused knowledge work and distracting scanning and connectivity. But I think the latter benefits from intention as well, and not simply aimless pursuits. (Last week was mostly aimless!)


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