Victorian stem cell educational resource

blastocyst.jpgSarah: Premier John Brumby has launched a new Victorian web-based stem cell educational resource Stem Cell Channel at the Bio2008 international biotechnology conference in San Diego, California. Innovation Minister Gavin Evans has described the site as

“a go-to resource for students and teachers, and covers ethics, the science and scientists, career information, patients, legislation and has an ‘ask-a-scientist’ function”.

The Stem Cell Channel has been developed by the Australia Stem Cell centre with the support of the Victorian Government. It has been cited by Premier Brumby to represent

“a human capital investment in the next generation of scientists”.

The Stem Cell Channel is reminiscent of educational material supported by Nanovic, such as the SHINE secondary school nanotechnology education website. In particular, the new resource is consistent with the views of Francesca Calati and other co-creaters of the SHINE website, in that it offers secondary school students a direct window into the world of modern and current science-in-action. The Australian Stem Cell Centre Chief Executive Officer Professor Stephen Livesey said

“We need to acknowledge and understand that young people now learn in different ways. Technology is driving their style of learning and we need to adapt to this new approach.”

This approach is also consistent with a new nanotechnology educational resource to be launched by the Australian Office of Nanotechnology later in 2008.

Originally published on Blog@NanoVic for Nanotechnology Victoria.

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