Nano for the Terrified

Kristin: Good news that Science Outside the Square in South Australia is re-running the ‘Nanotech for the terrified!’ event. 200 people attended the first event held earlier this year with over 230 more on a waiting list. Such a turnout for an evening of nanoscience is quite an accomplishment and really exciting.

Prof Joe Shapter and Brenton Banham from Flinders University and Kylie Turton from CSIROSEC will provide an entertaining, hands-on exploration of the nano by encouraging people to take part in ‘The Nanotube Challenge’, and make some of the Graffiti Research Lab’s ‘Throwies’. All in the name of discovering more about the possibilities of nanotechnology.

The next ‘Nanotech for the terrified!’ is at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Road, Adelaide on Wednesday 2 July 2008 from 6.30pm – 8.00pm. This event is in association with the CSIRO Science Education Centre and sponsored by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Government of South Australia; and The Advertiser. It’s free but registrations are essential. Contact Kate for more information or to make a booking.

Originally published on Blog@NanoVic for Nanotechnology Victoria.

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