Science royalty

Lisa: A very exciting week last week as we had our Grand Launch at the Royal Institution, complete with visit from Her Majesty the Queen! The culmination of much hard work by many, many people saw Her Majesty officially open our new, expanded building (although it won’t actually be open to the public for a little while yet!)

You can see some BBC reports of the day here and here!

The reason I wanted to blog about it here with my bridge8 hat on was for me the most exciting person there was not HM, but Sir David Attenborough, who spoke of his experiences doing the Christmas lectures at the RI when they were broadcast live, back in the day. It’s not often that firstly, you have a childhood science hero, and secondly, that you get to meet them! I remember watching Trials of Life, which basically comprised my entire science education during primary school, and absolutely loving it. Although Sir David never considers himself a scientist, he has undoubtedly inspired countless thousands of people into a life in science, and inspired a love and appreciation of the world around us in millions more. My biggest disappointment for the day- not tracking him down for a photo afterwards! In true groupie style I stalked the reception with my camera to no avail. Who would your science hero be?


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