Pass the bucky on the left hand side…I said

buckyballs.jpgSarah: Researchers at Cornell University, New York have come up with a new use for carbon nano-structured buckyballs. The novel idea relies on the capacity of buckyballs to enhance electronic resonances at low voltage during memory creation in flash software (which most of you have in your mobile phones and digital cameras). As reported by naturenews, this is an exciting development since “the major bottleneck of the current flash memories is the voltage” (Tuo-Hung Hu, Cornell University). Put simply, buckyball-enhanced resonance means less voltage is required to create or alter memory. In terms of your hardware, this translates into [1] reduced need for peripheral circuitry (i.e. smaller devices) and [2] longer battery life spans. Sweet.

And for those of you who are too young (or old) to understand the inspiration behind this blog title, here’s a reminder from 1982. FYI, a ‘dutchie’ is a Jamaican cooking pot.

Originally published on Blog@NanoVic for Nanotechnology Victoria.

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