Free Nanotechnology Forum in Adelaide

Sarah: Live in Adelaide and want to learn more about nanotechnology? Put the following event in your diary: in conjunction with Flinders University, the Australian Office of Nanotechnology (AON) is sponsoring a free forum entitled
What is Nanotechnology? to be held from 5.30-8.00 pm on Thursday May 8 at the University of Adelaide. As evidenced by the title, the forum will explore what nanotechnology is, and follow with a discussion of the key considerations in terms of health, safety and the environment of a new technology such as nano. Speakers include Associate Professor Joe Shapter (School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science, Flinders University), Dr Asa Jamting (National Measurement Institute, Sydney) and Ms Georgia Miller (Friends of the Earth, Australia). To book your spot or request further information, contact 08 8201 3094 or Hope to see you there! Check this blog after May 8 for a summary of the forum too.

[Image of Roman Forum courtesy of Digital Roman Forum]

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