Asia-Pacific Sympoisum on Nanobionics

bionic-ear.jpgSarah: Holidaying in the city of Wollongong last week, I heard about the up-coming Asia Pacific Symposium on Nanobionics. Scheduled for 22-26 June 2008, the symposium aims to bring together clinicians, scientists, engineers and mathematicians in a collaborative environment to discuss the nanotechnology revolution and its impact on nanobionics. The Symposium will be hosted by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science, which is headquarted at the University of Wollongong but which has additional nodes at Monash University, St Vincent’s Hospital and The Bionic Ear Institute. The program is diverse and looks very interesting, and includes a plenary presentation by Dr Graeme Clarke, the inventer of the cochlear implant. The bionic eye, one of the hot topics to emerge from the recent 2020 summit in the ACT, will be considered in a presentation by Associate Professor Gregg Suaning (University of New South Wales), entitled ‘Implantable Bionics: Considerations for Restoring Vision to the Blind’ . To learn more about the symposium visit

Originally published on Blog@NanoVic for Nanotechnology Victoria.

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