TV debate – Is genetically modified food safe to eat?

Jenna: With the ban on growing genetically modified canola crops having been lifted in NSW and Victoria and the prediction that a growing number of other GM crops will be approved over the coming years, the debate of ‘whether genetically modified food is safe to eat’ has heated up again.
To investigate the issue, SBS show Insight is bringing together consumers, health professionals, scientists, farmers, food manufacturers and industry experts to debate this topic.

They will discuss topics such as:
– What are the long term effects of eating genetically modified foods, if any?
– Does our current labelling on foods allow us to make informed choices about what we eat?
– In practice, has the cultivation of GM crops made a difference to feeding the hungry on a global scale

Dr Christopher Preston, a senior lecturer in plant and food science at the University of Adelaide (and my boss!!), a fellow scientist and a farmer, who all believe that the introduction of genetically modified crops will benefit Australian farmers, may have their work cut out for them in this ‘un-biased’ debate, where they will go up against six anti-GM representatives

Catch Insight, Tuesday 22nd April at 7:30pm on SBS TV


  1. The problem is not whether GMO products are good for you because we don’t know yet, its too early to tell but what is known is that large corporations want to claim profits from patented seed which can contaminate non GMO seed through pollination by bees. This is wrong. and I am sure could end up in court one day but the problem is the large corporations have the money for the best lawyers so the small farmer is left with a contaminated crop of seeds.

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