‘Science Outside the Square’ Nanotechnology Event

Sarah: A quick note to all you Adelaide residents – today I caught a glimpse of the Science Outside the Square email copied below. It’s reminiscent of lots of cool stuff that Bridge8 has been involved with recently (eg showcasing nanotechnology at ICONN08 with Prof Joe Shapter and Brent Banham, investigating public art with throwies at the Graffiti Research Lab). Check it out.

FREE Science Outside the Square event

Nanotech for the terrified!

There’s something creating a big buzz in the science world. Something that’s actually really small – and we’re talking millionths of a metre small.  What is it? Nanotechnology – engineering on a miniature scale (nano is Greek for dwarf). It’s all around you – just take a closer look at your sunscreen, sports equipment or car. But what’s the big interest?

Find out by joining Flinders University’s Prof Joe Shapter and Brenton Banham and CSIROSEC’s Kylie Turton for an entertaining, hands-on exploration of the real-life science behind nanotechnology. Take part in ‘The Nanotube Challenge’, make some ‘Throwies’ and discover the answers to some big questions about very small worlds.

Nanotech for the terrified! is at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, Port Road, on Tuesday 15 April from 6.30–8pm.

It’s free but registrations are essential as seats are limited. Email tyndall.amanda@dpc.sa.gov.au to reserve your place. Senior secondary students welcome when accompanied by an adult (if under 18).

This event is in association with the CSIRO Science Education Centre.

Sponsored by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Government of South Australia; and The Advertiser.


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