Marion Bay development knock-back a climate-change first?

marionbaydevelopment.jpgSarah: Being a frequent holidayer to Marion Bay, a dreamy beachside town on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula, I was interested to read that climate change had impacted on a recent planning decision affecting that location. Developer Northgate Properties hoped to create 80 new residential blocks in a relatively low-lying area north of the Marion Bay jetty and boat ramp. Refused planning approval by the Yorke Peninsula Council, an appeal to The Supreme Court brought no joy to Northgate Properties: Justice Bruce Debelle ruled that the proposed development was submitted “without due regard to the ecological sensitivity of the area and the need to preserve natural features”.  The court hearjune06_rhinoshead.jpgd that climate change would have a likely effect of eroding the Marion Bay shoreline inland by between 35m and 40m over the next 100 years, which would affect an erosion buffer zone and a coastal reserve. South Australian Law Society president Grant Feary said he had not heard of another case of sea levels impacting on housing approvals. I’m just glad that the local ecology is being considered.  Whether run off from the recently-installed Marion Bay desalination plant will have an effect on the local sea life remains to be seen.


  1. 30years???? better buy your gumboots now…the inside of marion bay tas…. is eroding f a s t

  2. I shall follow this up personally Ron as I am heading to Marion Bay this weekend. Lots of whales about they say…..

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