Educating Kids about Nanotechnology

nano-book.jpgJenna: In line with Bridge8’s work on nanotechnology education, such as the SHINE project, author Marlene Bourne, an internationally recognised expert on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) and its convergence with nanotechnology, has written the book MEMS & Nanotechnology for Kids, the first book of its kind to teach children about MEMS and nanotechnology.The 32 page book gives a basic introduction to MEMS and nanotechnology and explores what can be found at the micro- and nano-scale, and then takes a look at various MEMS devices and nanomaterials. Products discussed include accelerometers, gyro sensors, pressure sensors, ink jet nozzles, optical MEMS, lab-on-a-chip, aerogels, carbon nanotubes, dendrimers, fullerenes, nanoclay, nanofibers, nanoparticles and nanowhiskers.Readers learn how MEMS devices work, what makes nanomaterials special, and why they are useful in all kinds of products kids are familiar with, such as bikes and video games. MEMS & Nanotechnology for Kids was written for students ages 11-14 to inspire interest in science and engineering, although younger children and adults alike may also benefit from the easy-to-read explanations. The hardcover book is beautifully illustrated with nearly 80 full-colour photographs that are visually powerful.


  1. stantonsolutions says:

    Thanks for this post – have just bought the book. Helen

  2. “Educating Kids about Nanotechnology –
    Bridge8” genuinely got me simply hooked with your website!
    Idefinitely will wind up being back again more normally.
    Many thanks -Melanie

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