So you think you can dance?

905b-3-thumb.jpgKristin: I’m looking forward to the science edition of ‘So you think you can dance?’. Although this may still be an idea away, the first ‘Dance your PhD’ competition has taken place in Vienna. The rules were simple: With no words or images, the scientists (students, postdocs and professors) had to interpret their PhDs in dance form. The winner was student Brian Stewart from the University of Oxford on his PhD titled “Refitting repasts: a spatial exploration of food processing, sharing, cooking and disposal at the Dunefield Midden campsite, South Africa”. The videos from the dances are all available through Science 15 February 2008, vol. 319, no. 5865, p.905. Next Year’s competition will be global and I’m already wondering how to intrept the corrsoion of ferrosilicon in dense-medium plants……. Start choreography now!


  1. I love this! Shared it with my colleagues:)

  2. sarahkeenihan says:

    Hmmm……my PhD was entitled Antigen Presenting Cells in the Murine Uterus……could be a bit tricky. Anyone got a uterus costume?

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