Graffiti Research Lab Comes to Adelaide


Jenna: Last night I attended the official opening of the Graffiti Research Lab (GRL) Masterclass, part of this year’s Festival of Arts in Adelaide.

New York’s Graffiti Research Lab, founded by Evan Roth and James Powderly, is an art group dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers, artists and protesters with open source technologies for urban communication. The members of the group experiment in a lab and in the field to develop and test a range of experimental technologies for use in graffiti, including materials such as LEDs and lasers.

All this week, Evan and James and more than 10 other graffiti artists will bring their unique approach to civic intervention to Adelaide, leading a week-long creative exchange for Australian artists. To see the graffiti artists in action head to The Art Space all this week, or see an exhibition of their completed work the following week. They will also be livening up Adelaide by graffiting some of the cities buildings, so keep your eyes peeled!!


  1. Fantastic photo! It’s much easier to appreciate the work when you see it as a whole rather than close-up and the reflection is great.

  2. sarahkeenihan says:

    that is really cool. hopefully i can get down there this week.

  3. it so beutiful but have some wrong no color then i dont

  4. Very cool keep up the good work. ACharlesNY the EPITOME of GRAFFITI. I love NEW YORK and I will always keep it real in the ART GAME. 1980/2009


  1. […] new. One of the ways we do this is to embrace arts and science whether through sponsorship of arts masterclasses or introduction of arts activities in the nanotechnology curriculum […]

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