It’s not easy, being green….

kermit.jpgSarah: We’ve been trying to make Bridge8 a bit greener in 2008. I found a few new ideas on the Science Daily website recently – here’s a quick summary:
1. Use fluorescent light bulbs  – you could save as much as 30% on your energy bill;
2. If you must use your car, make sure it’s in excellent running condition for maximum efficiency;
3. Dishwashers, clothes washers and clothes driers should only be used if loaded to capacity;
4. Ideally, dump the clothes drier entirely – wash in cold water and line dry;
5. Shut down and unplug unused appliances;
6. Don’t buy bottled water – making and shipping plastic bottles is very energy intensive. Instead, use your own container and refill at home or the office;
7. Get organised and BYO containers! Canvas or ‘green’ bags for the supermarket, tupperware for take-away or ‘doggy bag’ food;
8. To further reduce packaging, buy food items in bulk or in large boxes (rather than individually-wrapped portions);
9. In terms of fresh fruit and veg, buy locally-grown, seasonal produce to avoid shipping and storage-related energy use. The food will be more nutritious and taste better too;
10. Plant a tree! It can provide shade and act as a carbon sink;
11. Buy pre-loved items to avoid energy costs associated with making and shipping new products. So there IS a good reason to get on EBay, I knew it!!!
12. Chose the ‘green’ option for power supply through your energy company.

In the end, none of these titbits are that hard to put into practice. So you’re on your own, Kermit.

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