GM moratoriums beginning to lift


Jenna: In an announcement yesterday, the Victorian and New South Whales governments have become the first in Australia to allow farmers to grow genetically-modified food crops.
Under pressure from the Federal Government and farming groups, the Government is preparing to lift the 4 year moratorium on the growth of GM Canola, with other states expected to follow the lead.
Supporters say the move will be a great boost to the Australian agriculture industry, placing farmers on a level playing field with their overseas counterparts for the first time, who have been benefiting from this technology for more than 10 years.
Federal Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran has told The Sunday Age it is time for Australia to move on, saying he strongly believes in the environmental and economic benefits of GM crops, and that farmers have much to gain, particularly in times of drought, from growing GM crops such as wheat and canola that use less water and herbicides than conventional crops.


  1. […] Genomics, Risks, Science — jennamalone @ 1:38 pm Jenna: Further to my blog on the GM canola Moratoriums beginning to lift, the South Australian Government has announced its decision to extend the moratorium, going against […]

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