Jenna: Wake up and smell the pencil lead, says Japanese stationery and writing instrument manufacturer Pentel, who has combined the power of nanotechnology with the knowledge of expert aromatherapists to develop a new type of fragrant pencil lead called “Ain supplio”.

They have been able to trap sweet smelling fragrant molecules in nanocapsules, like tiny bubbles, which are then infused into the pencil lead. The microscopic size of the nanocapsules gives them extra strength to hold their fragrance for long periods of time; about 3 years if kept in the unopened package, 2 years if kept in their plastic case, and more than 3 months out in the open air.

The pencils come in three flavours; Refresh, Healing and Positive, and are made of ingredients such as rosemary, mint, lemongrass and green tea, specially designed to enhance mental learning capacity. 

I can hear it now…“Sorry miss, I can’t learn today, my pencil has run out”!!

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