Which one would you rather look like?

Jenna: Zinc cream may be an Aussie beach icon and also one of the best creams for protection from the sun, but, lets face it, for use as an all over body protection, it would be pretty unattractive!

Zinc cream is made of zinc oxide, one of the best blocking agents of UVA and UVB rays. In its natural form, zinc oxide appears white due to visible light scatter produced by its large particle size and poor dispersion.
An Australian nanotech company APT have developed a clear form of zinc by producing nanoparticles of zinc oxide which do not clump together and therefore do not deflect light in a way as to appear white.

This product has been named ZinClear, and has been used in the new ‘Invisible Zinc by Megan Gale’. Megan has said that she wanted a high protection product that she could wear everyday on her face and body without overloading her skin with chemicals, and use of the nanotechnology product ZinClear in her new suncare range was the answer.

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