Nano revives the radio star

Sarah: Remember the 1980s song Video Killed the Radio Star? Hold that thought…a new nano application suggests that radio shouldn’t quite yet be regaled to yesteryear. Peter Burke and Chris Rutherglen of the University of California have constructed a wireless radio detector from carbon nanotubes. The newly developed nano ‘demodulator’ was successfully used to transmit classical AM music wirelessly from an iPod to a speaker several feet away. The music transmitted was audibly indistinguishable from that reaching the human ear directly. This marks the first time that a nano-sized detector has been demonstrated in an actual working radio system, and offers great hope for the eventual construction of a wireless communication system constructed entirely at the nano-scale. Burke and Rutherglen claim their work to be a functioning example of nanotechnology as opposed to nanoscience. The full report has been published by a journal of the American Chemical Society, Nano Letters.

Originally publsihed on Blog@NanoVic for Nanotechnology Victoria.

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