Ri Australia Opens in Adelaide

Ri Australia

Lisa:  This morning I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the launch of the first “satellite” branch of the Royal Institution (Ri), here in Adelaide. The Ri Australia will be housed in the Old Stock Exchange building off Grenfell street in the city (pictured here), an amazing heritage listed building nestled in between skyscraper office towers in the heart of the CBD, which I can’t believe has been lying unused for over a decade!

I am really excited that Adelaide has been chosen for this centre, which aims to “Bring Science to the People, and People to Science”. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a closer collaboration and communication between the public, scientists, and educators. It’s also the perfect chance to inspire future generations in an interest in science, not just because we need more scientists, but because science and technology has such a critical role to play in society. Director of the Ri London, Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield says “A visit to the Ri Australia should be as stimulating and interesting as a visit to a concert or the cinema”. I love the thought of picking up a bag of hot popcorn on the way to an evening lecture!

I’m sure in my new role over at the Ri in London I will be keeping in touch with the team here and I look forward to the wonderful things to come.


  1. sarahkeenihan says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Wow, this is really exciting. Can’t wait to attend events at Ri Adelaide. Good luck in London!

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