Augmented Realities

Kristin: Ian Pearson, futurologist at BT, has presented an idea for the future called ‘Duality’.  In ‘Duality’, buildings (and people) emit a digital aura so that individuals experience both a physical reality and a digitial/virtual world.  For example, I could visit my local grocery store and see items on the shelves, but also see small virtual spaceships zipping around the specially-branded UFO cereal.

Once again the future is already here.  ANAT have recently announced Julian Stadon as the recipient of funding for an emerging technology mentorship in the arts.  Julian will be mentored by Professors Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, from the Univeristy of Art and Design in Linz, Austria, and who are internationally renowned media artists working in the field of interactive computer installation.  Throughout the mentorship Julian will work on developing interactive augmented reality constructs, created within Second Life, which appear 3D when viewed through a head mounted display unit in a gallery environment. Seems like only one step away from ‘Duality’ to me.

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