Opportunity is always just around the corner

Lisa: In some very exciting news, I am very pleased to announce I have been appointed the “Young Persons Program Coordinator” at the Royal Institution of London (Ri), the birthplace of science communication where Michael Faraday himself started the tradition of Christmas Lectures highlighting current research in science to the fascinated public over 200 years ago. 

My position will involve co-ordinating science programmes for schools, the UK, as here in Australia, has seen a drastic decline in the number of students following through to further study in science and maths subjects and I’m hoping that in my role I will get to do one of my most favourite things, inspire a love of scientific inquiry in students from all sorts of backgrounds.

The future opening of the Ri Australia here in Adelaide at the site of the old stock exchange is planned for early October, and I am looking forward to collaborating on projects with the organisers here.   It’s a very exciting development for Adelaide, which has been without a dedicated science outreach centre of any kind for several years now.

I will be very sorry to be leaving Kristin here in Adelaide, but it won’t be an official farewell and I will definitely be staying on at Bridge8 in some fashion, the London correspondent perhaps!  


  1. […] 24 August, 2007 Filed under: Opportunities, People — kristinalford @ 9:02 am Since Lisa is stretching her wings with a fantastic opportunity at the Ri, Bridge8 is now looking for another person to join our team in an Industry Analyst role.  The role […]

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