Nano Risks

Kristin: Having blogged on the release of the Environmental Defense & Dupont Nano Risk Framework (which I saw presented at NSTI Nanotech 2007), I think it is worth reflecting on the risks of nanotechnology.  I have been involved in two public projects that examine nanotechnology risks.  One was a podcast I designed for AZoNano and NanoVic that interviewed key stakeholders on their views about the health, safety and environmental impacts of nanotechnology.  The other is a workshop I run to consider the potential social impacts of a conceptual molecular manaufcturing product: utility fog.  I have conducted this activity with all ages; the health, safety and environmental risks are always a concern.  The Environmental Defense-Dupont framework at least provides a useful process for managing risk and shows that it is possible to build a cooperative model from shared concerns about repsonsible development.

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