Nano Risk Framework

Kristin: In late June 2007, I published this blog on the Blog@NanoVic site:

When I was at the NSTI Nanotech 2007 conference in late May, I listened to Caroline Baier-Anderson from Environmental Defense present the risk framework for nanotechnology that was developed in partnership with DuPont. The framework provides a process for the evaulation of environmental, health and safety risks with regards to the development of nanotechnology products.  Environmental Defense and DuPont have now publicly released their Nano Risk Framework.

Georgia Miller from Friends of the Earth posted this comment:

Friends of the Earth Australia has joined an international coalition of 20 public interest organisations in rejecting this proposal from DuPont and Environmental Defense to manage the risks associated with nanotechnology by using voluntary measures. Voluntary risk assessment will leave the worst offenders unchecked and will be used to delay rigorous regulation and mandatory risk assessment. Protection of human health and the environment from nanotoxicity’s risks should not be optional.

The text of the open letter released by the coalition in relation to the DuPont-ED framework can be accessed at:

Georgia Miller
Friends of the Earth Australia Nanotechnology Project

Originally published on Blog@NanoVic fro Nanotechnology Victoria.

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