Jessica Abla Loves Nano

Kristin: In late May I posted a blog on the Blog@NanoVic website about Jessica Abla:

go4-jessica-alba-017.jpgUS Today (Life Section D) quotes Jessica Alba: “It’s dorky, but I like [reading].  Nanotechnology blows my mind.”  Jessica Alba as a poster child for the wonders of nanotechnology?  We could do worse!

Jennifer posted a comment which I have reproduced here:

  1. Jennifer | 28-Jul-08 at 1:18 am | Permalink

    I remember seeing her in an interview where she was trying really hard to show how smart she is by name dropping NT. Then the interviewer asked her a simple question and she stared blankly. (It was either Pythagorean THm or ‘what is an isoceles triangle’). It wa hilarious. Perhaps she meant to say she likes the pics in Look, I’m 35 and hot (and apparently know way more that she does about science and technology) but I don’t feel I have to prove that to others…if you’re smart people will know :)

Originally posted on Blog@NanoVic for Nanotechnology Victoria.


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